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Brick Movies

I started making a couple of brick movies in 2015.

As a camera I've been using a Logitech C525 HD Webcam. My experiences with this hardware so far have been very good, the only thing that's not so good is the automatic light correction, but I guess this can be greatly improved by using a stage with a more steady light source than the sun... The camera is very small and comes mounted on a clip like contraption that lets the lense be rotated 360 degrees.

The software I've been using so far is qstopmotion (under Gentoo, needless to say). The one thing I really like about this software is that the output is plain JPEG files for frames and an XML file glueing it together. Apart from that, in my opinion the software is in a very early alpha stage (for example, a vast memory leak fills up my 4 GB of RAM within about 50 frames captured) and has lots of room for strong improvement. I might do some coding of my own some time in the future, but for now the software is good enough.

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