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Welcome to my nth homepage (where n is somewhere between 15 and 20, I lost count)! For this version, I decided to give Jekyll a try, we'll see how that works out...

There is a section about my projects where I talk about some software I wrote in blog form. There's also a section tech talk, where I collect some reports and talks I had to write for projects I'm working in.

Stop systemd

I am personally and professionally very much convinced that systemd is by far the worst piece of software anyone has ever managed to successfully release into the wider Linux community.

The maintainers of systemd are trying to make watchers believe the ongoing discussion is just some sort of geek ranting. It is not. The systemd software design itself is broken beyond any repair, and the general behavior of its maintainers concerns me greatly.

Please make yourself aware of the systemd set of problems and stop using it. I found this site to be a good starting point:

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