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HTTPVNC: What's new in 1.7.1

27 Sep 2014

New fix 1.7.1 for httpvnc available

What's new

Version 1.7.1 of httpvnc is a small, but important fixpack:

  • fixed a small bug in the logout function that kept httpvnc from working as soon as someone logged out
  • the applet (Java) viewer always aborted prematurely as soon as no screen updates occurred for a few seconds in a row. It turned out that the connection was closed by the Java SSL engine, probably due to some timeout for idle connections. To prevent this from happening, I introduced a new RFB frame class "heartbeat" that consists of the frame identifier (9) and a padding byte. For directconnection sessions, httpvnc now waits a maximum of 2 seconds for some data coming from the VNC server. After that, it sends the heartbeat frame to the client. The client just reads it and throws it away. These bytes are enough for the SSL connection to stay open.